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Letter From The Managers

We are incredibly excited to present our 2015-2016 Year-End Report to you, our friends, partners, and supporters. This Year-End report broadly describes our community-based partnerships, nonprofit outreach initiatives, and efforts to develop our talented students.

Fostering Collaboration

This year we focused heavily on the need for collaboration among nonprofits identified in the Spring of 2015 during the SOURCE Summit. Our local community’s desire for greater collaboration was addressed through our continuation and improvement of Nonprofit Brown Bags. In addition to preserving a common space for nonprofit staff and community leaders to connect and share ideas, we introduced an educational component to our Brown Bags called the SOURCE Speaker Series. The Speaker Series invited a diverse range of outside experts to speak at each luncheon on a number of topics essential to running a successful nonprofit. We found that the speakers encouraged more robust discussions and greater collaborative efforts. Our most notable Brown Bag of the year saw an attendance of over 40 community members, who sat with representatives from the Ralph M. Parsons, Weingart, and Rose Hills Foundations and engaged in tailored discussions about how to write grants more effectively.

Leveraging Mentorship

This year also saw a renewed effort to expand our network of mentors and supporters, particularly through our Mentorship Program. Our programming has brought speakers ranging from CMC alum Paul Schulz, Vice President of Development and Donor Relations at California Community Foundation and former CEO of the Red Cross, to Sarah Twombly from Blue State Digital. All of our speakers provided beneficial insights on how our consultants could create more productive and collaborative partnerships with our clients.

Creating Impact

Our teams created lasting impact in the community through their partnerships with SOURCE’s seven clients. For example, our team working with Foothill Family Shelter developed and implemented marketing strategies for their thrift shop that turned the business profitable. In total, our SOURCE students spent over 3000 hours supporting and growing local community and nonprofit partners. Our work with Client partnerships engaged over 18 community leaders directly, who valued our team’s work at over $30,000. The nonprofits that we worked with in the 2015-2016 year touched the lives of over 12,000 individuals in Claremont and across the nation. Beyond our traditional partnership model, we also hosted a record-high number of IdeaJams, brainstorming with 6 local nonprofits on opportunities ranging from engaging membership to digitalizing organizational processes. Through our broader engagement efforts, including our IdeaJams and Nonprofit Brown Bags, we connected with over 40 local organizations and 100 nonprofit leaders and members in Claremont.

We concluded this year’s client relationships by hosting our first ever year-end SOURCE Symposium to showcase the incredible work of our 34 SOURCE consultants and the solutions created within our seven nonprofit partnerships, as well as celebrate our partners and supporters. We are infinitely appreciative of all of you who have helped make SOURCE what it is today. We look forward to another year of continued engagement with the Claremont community.


Vanessa Liu, Sara Linssen, and Jack Segal

Our Mission

The mission of SOURCE is to help local nonprofits build capacity
and increase efficiency by providing professional consulting services
at zero cost to the organizations, while simultaneously
enhancing student development.

Developing Our Students

What I Learned in my First Year of SOURCE

By Lili Muskal

All my life I have been a hard worker. I used to think that as long I studied enough or practiced enough then I would be immune to failure. I approached every task timidly, yet diligently because I never wanted to do anything wrong. I came to Claremont Mckenna with the assumption that as long I put effort into every task I was assigned, I could not fail. SOURCE challenged this assumption.

Lili Muskal


hours dedicated to client work


hours spent in workshops per person


client deliverables created


people impacted by our clients

SOURCE 2015-2016 Client Overview

A Summary of SOURCE's Key Deliverables


Ramon Gomez ‘17,
Anna Zimmerman ‘17,
Mackenzie Strafford ‘18,
Peter Brody-Moore ‘19

Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC)

CTEC provides vocational training for high school students. It focuses on both hard skills, preparing students in many industry tracks for certification, as well as soft skills, as students learn how to communicate, cooperate, and have confidence in themselves. The SOURCE team:

  • Delivered recommendations around digital presence, marketing, and outreach for field trip program
  • Restructured a scholarship and student development program for local high-achieving youth

Temple Beth Israel

Ethan Tom ‘19,
Jack Segal ‘18,
Bruno Youn ‘19

Temple Beth Israel (TBI)

TBI is a local reform synagogue that provides a sense of community, religious exploration and education to a diverse set of members from the inland empire. TBI also hosts secular events for the community to promote inclusion and a further development of a sense of community. The SOURCE team:

  • Created a secular rental service known as "The Community Space" to increase TBI’s revenue
  • Flushed out a long term strategic plan with TBI’s Vice President of Finance

Sustainable Claremont

Jackson Cooney ‘18,
Janice Tse ‘16,
Michael Choi ‘18,
Tejal Angolkar ‘16,
Campbell Streator ‘18

Sustainable Claremont (SC)

SC engages the community in education and action to build a more sustainable community -- environmentally, socially and economically -- in Claremont and beyond. It seeks to be the hub of sustainability to inspire change through advocacy and education. The SOURCE team:

  • Conducted SWOT analysis through informational interviews of the Board
  • Formalized funding and reimbursement processes and grant calendar
  • Created proposal for the Board to restructure membership strategy, involving the design of membership tiers and benefits, a new budget, and an event calendar

Foothill Family Shelter

Matthieu Hafemeister ‘17,
Lanie Corrigan ‘17,
Elizabeth Harder ‘18,
Lili Muskal ‘19,
Julian Feeley ‘16

Foothill Family Shelter (FFS)

FFS provides both transitional and permanent housing for homeless families in the San Bernardino – LA County Area. In the words of Foothill Family Shelter, “We believe in offering our clients a hand-up and not a hand-out and clients must agree to be focused, committed and engaged.” The SOURCE team:

  • Helped market and grow the organization’s newly opened thrift shop in Upland to achieve positive revenue stream
  • Revamped the current volunteer programs available at the Shelter


Emily Carlson ‘17,
Nisha Behrman ‘18,
Jamie Curran ‘16,
George Vojta ‘17

Everybody Dance Now! (EDN!)

EDN! is a national nonprofit that serves underprivileged communities through providing free dance programming to local youth. Along with providing after school care, EDN! seeks to promote youth leadership and educate youth about ways to serve their community. The SOURCE team:

  • Finalized an impact analysis, involving surveys and a data analysis system to generate data for donors
  • Built regional statistics database to provide data assessing the community need in EDN! locations
  • Developed an evaluation process for their ED and increased use of Salesforce to improve their donor management

1st Street Gallery

Jordan Aronowitz ‘18,
Will Edwards ‘19,
Eliana Keinan ‘17
Iris Liu ‘16,
Tejal Angolkar ‘16

First Street Gallery Art Center (FSGAC)

FSGAC is a gallery, art services center and art management center for artists with developmental disabilities. It holds art classes throughout the week and assists artists with their art careers, including exposition of art, sale, and skill development. The SOURCE team:

  • Researched various rental systems and created a Business Plan
  • Developed an Inventory System to organize artworks
  • Led brainstorming workshops regarding an arts curriculum to align management goals

Claremont Heritage

Sumaer Sandhu ‘16,
Anna Shepard ‘17,
Ben Fusek ‘17,
Isabella Romeo ‘18

Claremont Heritage

Claremont Heritage advances, preserves and celebrates the historic, architectural, natural and cultural resources of our community through collaboration, education, and advocacy. It offers home tours and administers a third grade history program, among other services. The SOURCE team:

  • Restructured strategy for seeking new board members and aligned priorities of the current members
  • Laid the foundations of a new business partnership plan as part of the Claremont Matters initiative
  • Jumpstarted a grant writing process, involving the creation of a grant calendar and established a relationship with writing class at Scripps College

Client Spotlight

Spotlight: Career and Technical Education Center (CTEC)

By Anna Zimmerman

Every two weeks for the past two years, my SOURCE team and I made our way down to the LA County Fairgrounds for our client meeting with the Career and Technical Education Center. CTEC, a program of The Learning Centers at Fairplex, provides year-round educational programs for high school students in a variety of vocational skills that prepare them for real world careers and professional success. Each year CTEC touches hundreds of students’ lives in their classrooms, but as I’ve learned in my time at SOURCE, their impact stretches far beyond the walls of The Learning Centers.

Anna Zimmerman


Nonprofit Brownbags

Continually improving our community initiatives

Our Successful Introduction of Nonprofit Brown Bag Speaker Series

By Ethan Tom

Since its launch last year, SOURCE Nonprofit Brown Bags (NBBs) have grown into a strong, thriving program that various stakeholders in the community beyond SOURCE have invested themselves in. These monthly luncheons provide a safe space for nonprofits to share ideas and solutions, and hope to inspire collaboration within our community to further capitalize on the resources we share.

Nonprofit Brownbags

May 2015

SOURCE Symposium 2016

A celebration of our community impact

A Review of Our First Ever SOURCE Symposium

By Vanessa Liu

This year, SOURCE hosted its first ever year-end Symposium to showcase and celebrate SOURCE's impact in the community. The SOURCE Symposium took place the morning of April 29th on Claremont McKenna’s campus, and featured presentations from our seven SOURCE teams on the projects they worked on and the impact generated for our nonprofit community.

SOURCE Symposium 2016

Client Services - $24,103

SOURCE provides value-added services for our nonprofit Clients at no cost to them. For example, this year we invested about $4,300 in the Claremont Heritage team’s work, which the Client valued at between $5,000-10,000.

Student Development - $3,810

SOURCE is committed to student development. In addition to hosting monthly workshops targeted to develop our new hire Associate Consultants, SOURCE hosted over 5 general workshops for the 2015-2016 year. In October, Chris Johnson hosted a workshop on user-centered design thinking that stressed the importance of building solutions centered around client. Our consultants applied the workshop’s teachings to create more tailored and personalized solutions for our clients.

Culture - $1,340

A tight-knit and cohesive culture is key to SOURCE’s success. In order to create a familial and supportive environment at SOURCE, we hosted day-long retreats and coordinated social events where our Consultants could build deeper relationships. One of the most memorable events of this year was our new hire bonding night, in which our new Associate Consultants worked together to make pizzas from scratch.

Internal Projects - $1,500

This year, projects ranged from planning and executing our Nonprofit Brown Bags, developing donor relations, and expanding our online resources for nonprofits. With the continued passion and energy of our students, SOURCE continues to innovate and progress in order to bring lasting impact to the Claremont community.

Thank You To Our Donors!

SOURCE Seniors 2016

Celebrating our graduating seniors and their post-graduation plans

Ellis Hiroki Butterfield

Microsoft - Project Manager

Iris Liu

Boston Consulting Group - Associate

Jamie Curran

Deloitte - Business Analyst

Janice Tse

Deloitte - Human Capital Analyst

Jess Davis

The Tobin Project - Research Analyst

Julian Feeley

Accenture - Consultant

Maya Kale

International Development - Singapore

Sara Linssen

Deloitte - Strategy and Operations Analyst

Sumaer Sandhu

Deutsche Bank - Credit Risk Analyst

Tejal Angolkar

Opera Solutions - Analyst

Our 2015-2016 SOURCE Clients

Thank you for a wonderful year of partnership and community impact